Spotlight On Sport

William Morris Stronger, Fitter, faster is launched

We were inspired by Dannish Walker Khan who has recently won a gold medal in the European Athletics championship for the 4 x 100 relay-Danni hopes to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio'.

How did you feel before yesterday's PT session?

"Excited, because I like doing PT." - Conor

"Excited and eager to start.” - Andrea

"I felt excited and happy." - Megan

"I felt excited because we were going to exercise." - Arunan

"I felt very excited because I wanted to get fit." - Evelyn

How did you feel after the PT session?

"I still felt energetic and active." - Ruben

"I felt exhausted because we rain four laps around the pitch." - Arunan

"Very fit and tired." - Evelyn

What did you enjoy about the Stronger, Fitter, Faster launch?

"That we got to do PT with some amazing sports people." - Andrea