Spelling Challenge 2022


  • To promote spelling across the BeDifferent Federation.
  • To inject elements of competitive fun and a sense of achievement to this curriculum area.
  • To show progression across the schools and individual children year-on-year (or term-on-term).
  • To embed the statutory spellings of each year group so that each child has the maximum knowledge to achieve the best they can by the end of Year 6.

Federated Spelling Challenge – Spring Term 2022

Monday 20th September

Years 3-6 will have the following spellings sent home to learn:

  • Year 3 - Year 3 statutory spellings
  • Year 4 - Year 4 statutory spellings
  • Year 5 - Year 5 statutory spellings
  • Year 6 - Year 6 statutory spellings

Staff prepared individualised spelling lists for the children based on their knowledge of each child's spelling successes to date. The aim in this first round of spellings is for every child to be able to spell all of the words that they were asked to learn.

All children were tested on Monday 17th January 2022. Any child who achieved a 100% of the spellings set, was rewarded with a Spellathon certificate. Please see the list of children who did achieve that 100%.

The children will be tested again in January 2022 in the hope that more children will achieve their 100% target and then be included in the BeDifferent Federated Spellathon.

A full BeDifferent Federated Spellathon

Competition will be organised in March, with the 100%er spelling champs of each year group competing against each other.