Year 3 - Southwark

Mrs Kelly - Teacher

Mrs Morley and Mrs Shafinaz - Teaching Assistant

Teacher's Comments

Welcome to the class page for 'super' Southwark Class. We cannot wait to greet you ALL at the start of the new school year and we think you must be very excited to see your friends too.

We have a terrific fun-filled year planned for you which you will find out about very soon but I will tell you that the first term involves chocolate! We are aware that you have not been at school for a while and guarantee we – Mrs Morley and Mrs Shafinaz will take it slowly to help you get back into the swing of school life. Things will be a little different but we are the BeDifferent Federation and you know that you trust us to help you.

We are proud that our class is called Southwark after Southwark station, as The Borough of Southwark is one of the most creative and innovative engineering and architectural spaces in the heartland of our amazing city, London. It is an area where old and new co-exist 'cheek-by-jowl'; a space which has held a commanding point since Roman times with Borough Market dating back to the Saxon times! The Globe and Bridge theatres, Tower Bridge and Millennium Bridge which span our wonderful River Thames, whilst the Tate Modern, (adapted from a former power station), The Shard, and City Hall are also some of the brilliant examples of innovation located within this historic south London borough.

Southwark represents an area that embraces both historic and modern innovations that have been adaptive to change and because of its uniqueness we aim for our Southwark pupils to be proud to be unique too – to BeDifferent as we adapt and find our own inner genius and strength, reflecting the effort and achievements of some of the most iconic residents and buildings of the world during these unprecedented times.

In Super Southwark, we will also find our inner super hero, using a growth-mind set, looking for positives and resilient, to help us with our learning, particularly if we find something tricky. We will be resourceful and collaborate as we explore and meet difficult challenges head-on. We will acknowledge how we feel and use our mental health tool kit to share and discuss any worries and concerns, using the strategies we have learnt to help us, including mediation and movement.

In Year Three, we acknowledge that we are global citizens and that it is through our actions, not words that will make a difference.

In the words of Roald Dahl:

Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world. Be kind. Always.

We are going to have a super Southwark year.