My duty to SAFEGUARD

I am very aware that we should and are responsibly providing childcare for those that absolutely need it. I must also insist that this childcare is not an option for families to take advantage of. It is an emergency childcare provision and if your child/ren can be left at home safely, because there is adequate care, this is what MUST happen. We also have a responsibility to reduce the spread of transmission.

Morrison's gift cards have been ordered to the value of the free school meal entitlement from Monday 23rd March 2020 until Friday 3rd April 2020. As soon as these arrive at each of the schools, those eligible will be contacted by text to make arrangements for collection.

Schools are open to support the minimum number of children so that we have to deploy the minimum staffing level and expose the minimum number of people to risk.

During this time at home as a family you will be accessing the internet and using the internet as a form of communication. While this communication is very important, we must make sure that we safeguard each other and use this tool responsibly. Therefore, to ensure everyone's safety, staff will not be taking part in any video/conferencing sessions and will not be in direct contact via email or any other social media communication. Here is a set of guidelines to help you think about online safety at home.

I have a duty to safeguard everyone and I will be taking this seriously.

Mrs N Bull