Family Support Worker

Mrs Lawler
Lead Family Support Worker

My name is Claire Lawler. I have lived, worked and attended school in Merton my whole life so I am very familiar with the area and the wonderful diverse culture that we have to offer.

I have fifteen years of experience working in Merton Primary School but most importantly, I am a parent myself; I understand the challenges that families face and how important it is to support the whole family, as it is to support and nurture our students.

With a real desire to help people, I aim to support you as problems arise by providing support, advice and information to families with our school community who may be experiencing short or long-term challenges. My experience as a trained Counsellor for both adults and young people means that I am able to offer a non-judgmental and compassionate ear by building trusting relationships with students and their families.

I may not have all the answers but working in partnership with you will mean that I can hopefully help you to find them.

Mrs Lawler
Lead Family Support Worker

Katie Lucas
Off The Record school counsellor

I am Katie, a counsellor from a charity called Off The Record, a local young people's youth counselling service, who have been supporting young people in South London for 25 years.

Our new school-based counselling service offers support to children, parents and school staff. I use art and play therapy in my work with children and young people to help them express their thoughts and feelings.

I have had a very warm welcome to the BeDifferent federation and I am really looking forward to meeting more members of the community.

To take care of my mental health and well-being, I like to go for mindful walks in the park, practice yoga and dance and journal my emotions. What self-care strategies do you use?

If you have any queries about our service or concerns about your child, please contact the school's Head or email our inbox

If you are in urgent need for support, you can call the Young Minds parent helpline for free on 0808 802 5544 from 9:30am – 4.00pm, Monday - Friday or contact your local GP. If you have a crisis, and can't feel you can't keep your child safe, call 999.