Miss Bull - Classteacher

Miss Marina and Miss Minns - Teaching Assistant

Teacher's Comments

Welcome to Columbus Class. Christopher Columbus was a sailor who was famous for voyaging through the great seas in search for new land across the globe. We, in Columbus Class, are inspired to follow in Christopher Columbus' footsteps to explore our environment and to build our resilience when faced with new challenges. We always strive to be happy, caring and helpful, we will always be keen to support the team around us and respond to our learning with a loving attitude. We are eager to work hard and try our best, whilst we explore the incredible world around us.

Columbus Class will be sailing through many stimulating adventures... how to read funny stories, write exciting sentences, adding and subtracting… and so much more! We are ready to set sail around the world to visit new countries, celebrate key workers and those that love us, take a trip to the autumnal adventures of animals, navigate through our starry space and fly through the meadow to meet all of the minibeasts.

We will continue to challenge ourselves through play, both indoors and outdoors, by making our way through the exhilarating activities set up to build upon our knowledge and grow our curiosity towards the world that Columbus himself explored. We welcome any visitors that would like to come and see our amazing learning-we can't wait to show you!

"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship".